The TSSD laboratory is certified by the State of Utah Department of Health’s Environmental Certification Program.  By adhering to the strict criteria of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) the certified laboratory analyses are recognized by the State and EPA. The reports and data produced by the laboratory must meet the highest degree of scrutiny and defensibility. Confidence in the quality and accuracy of those results are essential to enabling treatment process decisions.

The laboratory is housed in a new and separate building and is certified to perform the following analyses under the Clean Water Act: pH, total suspended solids, ammonia, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, total dissolved solids, nitrite, nitrate, total phosphorus, total Kjeldahl nitrogen and e.coli bacteria. Other analyses that are performed by the laboratory for process control purposes include volatile suspended solids, chlorine, turbidity, chemical oxygen demand, and total organic carbon, among others.  Besides wastewater analysis for the treatment plant, additional projects and research are conducted to benefit the community and the environment around Utah Lake.